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Coolrite Air Conditioning is committed to keeping your air conditioning unit operating at optimal performance. Most people only use their air conditioning system during the warmer months, meaning they are not used often during the winter months. That’s one reason it is so essential to perform routine preventative maintenance. Doing so ensures that the system will function effectively at all times, even after long periods of non-use.

Preventative maintenance

We recommend regular preventative maintenance to protect your system from malfunctioning when you need it most. Routine periodic maintenance ensures that your system runs at full capacity, which helps to minimise operational costs. Routine preventative maintenance also ensures that your factory warranty is not voided.

Coolrite preventative maintenance services include:

Breakdown Services

Anytime is an inconvenient time for your air conditioning system to break down. It’s essential to keep your home and office cool during the hot summer months and a faulty air con system can make your living or working conditions extremely uncomfortable.

If you’ve noticed any problems with your air conditioning system and want it inspected and repaired quickly, contact our experts today.

With more than 40 years of experience in the air conditioning industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all kinds of air conditioning units. Our installation, servicing and repair services for air conditioners extend to all of the best manufacturers in the industry including, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi, Temperzone and ActronAir. 

Our team of technicians ensures that your faulty air conditioning system is dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether you have a small split system in your home or a sizeable ducted system in a shopping centre, our experienced team will analyse the problem and repair it quickly, affordably and reliably.



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